• Conary


Then Conall Carnach, who, at door and door,
Swift as a shuttle from a weaver's hand,
Divided help, cried,

" King, our friends are lost
Unless another sally succour them ! "
" Take then thy troop," said Conary ; " and thou
Red-capp'd companion, see thou play a strain
So loud our comrades straying in the dark
May hear and join you."
" Evil pipes are theirs.
Trust not these pipers. I am but a child,"
Said Ferflath ; " but I know they are not men
Of mankind, and will pipe you all to harm."
" Peace, little prince," said Conall. " Trust in me :
I shall but make one circuit of the house.
And presently be with thee ; come, my men,
Give me the Brierin Conaill, and my spear,
And sound CuchuUin's onset for the breach."
And issuing, as a jet of smoke and flame
Bursts from a fresh replenished furnace mouth,
He and his cohort sallied : they within
Heard the concussion and the spreading shock
Through thick opposing legions overthrown,
As, under hatches, men on shipboard hear
The dashing and the tumbling waves without.
Half round the house ; no more : clamour and scream
Grew fainter in the distance ; and the hosts
Gazed on each other with misgiving eyes.
And reckoned who were left : alack, but few !

Mankind, Child, Overthrown
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