• Conary


Are not among you."
" King," said Fergobar,
" I die without the vengeance that I vowed.
Thou never lovedst me : but the love thou gavest
My hapless brothers, well have they returned.
And both lie outside, slain by their own hands
Rather than join in this cause with me."

" The gods between us judge," said Conary.
" Cast not his body forth. I loved him once,
And burial he shall have, when, by and by.
These comrades of his desperate attempt
Are chased away."
But swiftly answered Cecht,
" King, they bring fire without : and, see, the stream
Runs dry before our feet, damm'd off above."

" Then, truly, lords," said Conary, " we may deign
To put our swords to much unworthy use.
Cormac Condlongas, take a troop with thee.
And chase them from the house ; and, strangers, ye
Who rode before me without licence asked ;
I see ye be musicians ; take your pipes
And sound a royal pibroch, one of you,
Before the chief."
" Yea, mighty king," said one,
" The strain I play ye shall remember long,"
And put the mouthpiece to his lips. At once —
It seemed as earth and sky were sound alone.
And every sound a maddening battle-call,
So spread desire of fight through breast and brain,
And every arm to feat of combat strung.
Forth went the sallying hosts : the hosts within
Heard the enlarging tumult from their doors

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