• Boyd Letters


As from: 28 Rosetta Avenue, Belfast 7

22nd August 1981

Dear Mrs, Reid,

Many thanks for the invitation to participate
in the Omagh Festival,

I am looking forward to meeting the students
and of course yourself.

Further to our telephone conversation, I
suggest coming to Omagh on Monday, 5th
October as my first preference, though 1
could manage Wednesday 7th October,

I should be glad if you would send me further
details as to the venue and time.

If you require a title for my lecture, I
suggest 'WHY GO TO THE THEATRE?'. May I
add that I welcome discussion, questions
and criticism after a not vermalformal lecture.

Yours sincerely,

(John Boyd)

Mrs. Reid,
28 Lisanelly Park,
Omagh B779 7DE,
Co. Tyrone

John Boyd
1981 Aug 22nd
Omagh, Theatre, Tyrone
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