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17th January 1963.

Dear Michael:

About expenditure on National Monuments and Staff etc. in
Northern Ireland. I have enquired about this and have been
told that all your friend has to do is to consult the publica-
tion The Northern Ireland Government Estimates on Expenditure
to find out the estimated expenditure. This Information is on
page 43 of the Ministry of Finance estimates for 1962/63. On
page 20 salary scales for the staff are listed. On page XV
(Roman numerals) you will find the Archaeologists' salaries.
Now, to find out how much the Government actually spent, the
thing to do is to look up the Appropriation Accounts of the
Ministry of Finance (another Government publicationj. This
normally comes out eighteen months after the estimates. These
publications are freely available at the National Library and
there should be no difficulty at all in getting the information.

I hope you and Hallie have recovered from your very tiring
time. It was very pleasant seeing you both and I am sure the
programmes will turn out well. I listened to ’’Interior Voices”
on the Third on Sunday night and thought the programme very
effective. I hear it is to be repeated on February 4th.

Frances is quite willing to send down the Markey painting
you admired. .As it is very difficult to pack owing to its
length - and it is only cardboard, Frances suggests we wait for
a week or two in the hope that we may hear of some one going to
Dublin who would be willing to take it. I hope this will do.


(John Boyd)

Frank O'Connor Esq.,
22 Court Flats,
Wilton Place,


John Boyd
1963 Jan 17th
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