• Boyd Letters


The news of your producing a play is excellent.
I'm sure it as good. I will tell Ronnie, who is looking
very seedy and behaving very neurotically, that you have
entered the field of drama production and are eager to
come home to do is job. This I know will be as good as
the best tonic for him, and he will undoubtedly take a new
lease of life. Just now his expectation of life seems to
be about three weeks.

The novel you are doing sounds most interesting. I
hope there's a lot of oriental erroticism in it. Why not
write a Lady Chatter-li-po saga giving the truth behind
the oriental smile. Your future would be made. Do give
me the job of acting as your literary agent.

I must stop as my desk is so full of memos, letters,
manuscripts etc that I must clear it up else my head will

May I 'wish you and yours a very happy Christmas -


John Boyd
1960 Dec 1st
Drama, Novel
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