• To McCann


6 Victoria Road, Colchester, Essex. 24. 10.65
My Dear Mercy, I'll be crossing to Belfast on Wed. next 27th Oct for the first meeting of the Poetry and Literature panel of the Arts Council on 28th Oct. I'll probably travel by a daylight flight – I've written to the Arts Council, insisting on this – and should be grateful if you could put me up for the night. Actually, since we're worried and ill-informed about the family-situation of Ellie and Anne, Marianne is going over to Belfast on Thursday afternoon, 28th, (ostensibly as a delegate to the Conference of the Soroptimist Club - which is being held in Belfast – fare paid, of course) and Jean has asked us to stay at Hillsborough for two or three nights, and discuss things. We'll be busy in Belfast during the day – but we do look forward to seeing you, and indeed this time we're rather relieved at not having to thrust ourselves on your unfailing hospitality when we know perfectly well that it isn't easy for you and that you have enough to deal with without putting yourself out for us at short notice. But this won't prevent us getting together, and, personally, I want to use the time properly instead

WR Rodgers
1965 Oct 24th
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