• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 19



She looked at Mike. "If you're going now I'll come with you."

He nodded, knowing by the expression in her eyes that she was t
thinking of Kevin.

"There's no call for you to go, Sadie," said her father.

"I want to go."

"I want you to stay in."

"He's right," said her mother. "There's nothing for you to do

"I must go. I must."

"Let her go," said Tommy. "She'll come to no harm."

"I'll look after her", said Mike.

Mrs Jackson sighed. "Oh,all right."

Sadie pulled on her anorak. "Don't worry, Ma. Coming, Mike?"

Mrs Mullet was at her door. She straightened up when she saw
Sadie coming out of the house with Mike. "Good morning, Sadie" she

"Morning," Sadie called back and ducked her head before she could
hear any more of what Mrs Mullet had to say.

Mrs Mullet watched them drive down the street.

"Kevin's waiting for me," said Sadie to Mike.

Sadie told Mike that Kevin was waiting for her and
he drove her out of town. They passed a few trucks and
soldiers patrolling, but the streets were quiet. Once they left the
city behind they saw no more kahaki. They went along country roads
lined with trees tinged already with russet and yellow
and orange. Summer was almost over.

Kevin was there, at the spot they had arranged, lying on a grassy
bank on his backw, with the sun on his face. He sat up when he

Joan Lingard
Morning, Summer
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