• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 19


"Sadie's' Mr Blake’s been murdered," said Mrs Jackson to them.

"It's my fault," cried Sadie. "It’s my fault."

’’Don’t be silly, Sadie," said Mike. "You musn't say that."

"It's true, it's true!"

Mr Jackson shook his head, "What's it all about? How is it your
fault, Sadie?"

"It isn't, Mr Jackson," said Mike. "She's had a shock. She doesn' t
know what she's saying."

"I think I'd better make a cup of tea." Mrs Jackson lifted the
kettle. "Jim, get her a glass of brandy from the front room."

Mr Jackson, moving in a state of bewilderment, went to fetch the
brandy. Tommy sat down on the other side of his sister. The gas
flame hissed under the kettle.

"I don't know what the world's coming to," aid Mrs Jackson. "You never know who'll be next."

Sadie took the glass from her father and drank. She felt sick.
She wanted to retchvomit.

"Take another sip," said Mike. "It'll settle your stomach."

"I think you'd, better tell us what happened," said Mr Jackson.

Mike told them what he knew, which was little. No one had seen the
bomb bening thrown. No one had noticed any strangers in the district.
It was not an area accustomed to bombing. There had never been any trouble there before.

Sadie quietened. She dried her tears, drank her sweet tea, leaning
on the table for support. She felt weak right to the centre of her

Then she remembered Kevin who would have set out already for their
rendezvousmeeting place, not knowing what had happened.

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