• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 19



"And where are you off to?"

"I'm spending the day with the Hendersons."

"I don't know why you don't move out there while you're at it."

Sadie left them drinkin more cups of tea and went up to bed. She lay
listening to the noises and gradually drifted into sleep.

It was light when she woke. It was past seven. She leapt out of b
bed and pulled on some clothes. As she was brushing her hair she heard
a car come down the road slowly and then stop outside. She pPulleding back
the curtain andshe saw that it was the Hendersons' car. Mike Henderson
got out and knocked on their door.

"Who in the name is that at this hour of the morning?" She heard
her father's voice as she spedraced down the stairs. Her arents always
slept with the door of their bedroom open.

She opened the front door. She looked at hisMike's face and then said,
"What's wrong?"

"Can I come/in?"

She nodded. He stepped in to the narrow hallyway.

"Who is it, Sadie?" called her mother.

"It's Mr Henderson."

"Mr Henderson?" The bed springs creaked, followed by muttering

Sadie took Mike into the kitchen, closed the door.

"Tell me quickly, " she said. "They'll be down in a minute to see
what's going on."

"Sadie - " Mike paused; he put his hands on her shouflders. "I've

Joan Lingard
Sleep, Henderson
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