• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 15



below, making the sound of machine gun fire.

"Quite it, Gerald, "said Kevin.

He pushed back the bedclothes and joined his younger brotherGerald at
the window. The door had been opened now and the men were holding
a conversation with Mr McCoy.

"Don’t be so daft," said Mr McCoy was saying. "Away and have your heads s

The bedroom door opened behind Gerald and Kevin. Brede slipped
into the room.

"The solde\irs have come for you, Kevin," she whispered.

"For me? But what - ?"

Uncle Albert appeared behind Brede, pushing/her aside. "Come on,
boy, I'll get you over the back wall while your da keeps them talking."

"What are you talking about?"

"They're after you."

"I haven't done anything." Kevin held out his arm hands. "You xxx
don't think I'm going to go jumping over the back wall in my pyjamas
at this time of night, do you?"

"Better that than end up in the jail," said Uncle Albert.

But the soldiers were in the house by now anyway. Kevin started
to dress. "Don't worry," he said to Brede. "There's some mistake.
I haven't f been in any trouble."

"Kevin." Mr MCCoy came panting up the stairs.

"I'm coming."

"Now then, don't get excited, son. We'll get you out of this

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Jail, Soldiers
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