• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 15




Mrs Rafferty, after her initail tirade, stood to one side and allowed
the soldiers to enter.

"If you want to waste your time that’s up to you," she shouted
after them. "Eejits!"

Brian came and stood on the pavement beside Kevin with his thumbs tucked into his belt. His jaw moved slackly from side to side, over a wad of chewing gum. He made no
move to cross the street ti join his fat mother. Kevin glanced side-
ways at him. He turned and looked at Kevin.

"Aren't you worried?" asked Kevin.

"What have I to be worried about?"

"You should know."

Brian laughed softly.

The searchers were spending longer in the Raffertys' house than
in any other that they had been in. It looked to Kevin as if they
had been tipped off.

"Can't trust anyone these days," said Brian, shaking his head. "Boys, what a life! An informer would
look in you in the eye as easy as stab in you in the back."

"I hope you're not making any insinuationslooking at me," said Kevin quietly.
"I hate your guts but I wouldn't inform on you."

"Expect me to believe that?" Brian stuck his hands in his pocketsBrian spat his chewing gun into the gutter.

"You can bBelieve whatever you like. I'm not interested in what
cowards believe."

"Cowards?" Brian swung round, eyes blazing.

"Yes, cowards. Anyone who has to bring two frhelpers to beat up
one person is yellow right to the middle."

Joan Lingard
Eejits, Stab
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