• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 11



"The coffee won't be up to much, I'm afraid, " he said. "I'm not
very handy in the kitchen. Still, I do my best. I've foundgot hold of the
doctor and he's on his way."

As Kevin drank histhe coffee, colour returned to his cheeks. His
face, normally so brown and healthy, had looked waxy and yellow.
When they were finishing their coffeeWhen the doctor bustled inarrived Sadie
and Mr Blake went throughretired to the kitchen to wash up the dishes.

"I'll wash," said Sadie.

"And I'll dry," said Mr Blake. He stood with the tea towel in
his hand waiting for her to start. "I told the doctor a little bit
of what had happened so that he wouldn't ask Kevin too many questions.
Goodness knows, he must be sick of questions! Poor lad. But he's
a brave one, Sadie, he wouldn't give in. He was sitting there waiting
for you and all the time he was on the verge of fainting. You're
lucky to have such a nice boy."

"I know." Sadie's face was serious. "But it's not easy."

The doctor joined them in the kitchen. He washed his hands at the sink. "Nothing serious, " he said.
"At least,no more than it was before. But the stitches hadn't
burst. The wound was bleeding, that was all. I've changed the
dressing and made him more comfortable. Of course he Should never
have been out walking about at all."

"I'll see he gets home safely," promised Mr Blake.


The doctor went off swinging his black bag.

"You go on through and talk to Kevin now, Sadie," said Mr Blake.

Joan Lingard
Fainting, Bleeding
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