• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 11



The man's face swam out of focus as if it was drifting under water.
Kevin blinked, took another deep breath and steadied himself against
the tree. The man put his handdel> arms round him.

"You're not all right, are you? Come on, I'm going to take you


"Where do you live? I have a car just along the street."

Kevin shook his head. "Let me sit down," he said weakly.

He slid down to the ground and sat with his head resting against
the bark of the tree. He felt a bit better now. He could see the
man's face clearly again: concernedvery bright blue eyes looking at him with concern, creased forehead,
a neat little moustache. The man was crouching beside him, and the
dog was still waiting patiently with the stick.

"I think you need a doctor."

"I'm just weak. I had an accident, you see, last night."

"I don't like leaving you here like this." The man shook his head.

"I'm waiting for someone. What time is it?"

The man looked at his swatch. "Twenty past sevenTen to eight"

"Twenty past?Ten to eight?"

"Is she late then?" The man smiled a little.

Kevin nodded.

"Maybe she won't come."

"She'll come."

"You sound pretty sure."

"Well, I know her."

Joan Lingard
Accident, Watch
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