• Deirdre



What warrant did false Conor ever allow
To stand between him and his own desires ?
Thou deem'dst his sureties good when in thy place
Thou sett'st him for a year, and thought he'd yield
The loaned dominion when the time was out.
Thou hadst the sighs of Nessa and his oath
For surety then ; but when the day was come
To yield thee back the sceptre, robe, and crown.
He king'd it still ; and rates thee, ever since,
His valiant subject and good stepfather.

Injurious Deirdre, thou art beautiful,
But hast a bitter and unguarded tongue.
Fergus allowed young Conor to retain
The sovereignty he lent him, not because
Conor demanded, but himself so will'd.
For who would fill a royal judgment-seat
Must study close the law's intricacies,
And leave delights untasted, Fergus loves
Better than balancing litigious scales.
And hearing false oaths bear the jargon out
Of wrangling pleaders. Nature him has framed

Desires, Sceptre, Nature
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