• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 18



"I hope it won’t be just the same. She'sMy mother's had too much work and not
enough living."

"Well, there’s one thing for sure,” said Sadie, " I’m not going to
end up like my mother!”

Kevin laughed. ”1 think you're safe on that one.”

"She's found me a job. You'll never guess?” Sadie rolled hers
eyes. "Working at the cash desk at the local butcher's. Can you
imagine me sitting cooped up in one of those wee boxes all day taking the
money for lumps of meat?”

"What are you going to do about it?x

"I've done it. I went along for an interview and I told the h
butcher that the sight of blood always made me vomit. He said that
under the circumstances it might not be wise then for me to take
the job. I said that unfortuxax^xiynately I was forced to agree.”

Kevin ruffled her hair. "It takes a lot to put you down, doesn't
it, Sadie Jackson?”

"That's what my mother says too!”

They were laughing when Mr Blake came into the kitchen with Jack.
They had been for a walk and they were both thirsty. Sadie got up
to put the kettle on and Kevin filled the dog's dish with fresh

"It's nice to hear the two of you laughing,” said Mr Blake, hanging
up the lead on the back of the door. "Whatever happens we musn't
forget how to laugh.”

When they had finished supper, Sadie set off home, and the ten

Joan Lingard
Blood, Blake
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