<> GreacenStanford310 Letters to Stanford Greacen Estate 19 Jan LHL Wednesday, March 16, 2016 TIFF GreacenStanford310 Letter Catholic, The Irish Press, Eamon DeValera English https://www.niliteraryarchive.com/content/greacenstanford310 LHL LHL Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA https://www.niliteraryarchive.com/sites/default/files/GreacenStanford310.jpg LHL Archive No. 27 P.C My dear Derek, Many thanks to you and P for your lovely birthday card. I've news for you - see enclosed. I know nothing about this Brian Fallon (except that he isn't related to Peter Fallon of Gallery Press - a fairly common Catholic Irish name). What I've just said makes a point. Even fairly recently the I.T. was rather Anglo- Irish ,now it's almost wholly "native Irish”. When I was in my 20's the lit ed was ,for instance, Bruce Williamson, from a B'fast Protestant family and educated at Shrewsbury. The IRISH PRESS ,on the other hand (started by de Valera) has always been 99% Catholic Irish, but are liberal enough to accept a Jew as lit ed. Ironically,! have always had better treatment frcm the I.P. than the I.T. although in theory it should be the other way round. I rather enjoy these ironical situations. The only truly vicious attack on me in print came frcm Williamson with whom,up to then, I had been on very good terms. I think I can say it came from sheer jealousy as x my poems were appearing everywhere and his weren't. Still on the I.T. he has never published a book of any kind, and I've been told he has long been an alcoholic. IT's all so long ago I bear him no ill-will. He had a decisive influence on my life. I was a bit undecided whether to stay on in Dublin or come to London - Patricia said she would do whatever I wished. So I decided to leave. Of course I might have left later on,anyway. Interested in yr views on German writers. Text