<> GreacenStanford118 Letters to Stanford Greacen Estate 1974 Jun 5th LHL Wednesday, March 16, 2016 TIFF GreacenStanford118 Letter Herta, Peggie English https://www.niliteraryarchive.com/content/greacenstanford118 LHL LHL Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA https://www.niliteraryarchive.com/sites/default/files/GreacenStanford118.jpg LHL Archive 5th June, 1974 My dear Derek, Many thanks for yrs. Thanks for the felicitations. The sheer unexpectedness of the legacy makes it all the more delightful. Life is so strange: we often get what we don't deserve and vice versa. That photo of Herta,I assure you,doesn’t 'do her justice' as they say. She looks a little apprehensive. The car crash (she was with'her husband) mu have been a xxxx pretty awful experience: waking up injured in hospital and being told her husband was dead. Anyway,the photo shows she isn’t the English conception of a busty hausfrau. You will like her. Thank Peggie for confirming my feeling that one doesn't pay on legacies - the law keeps being amended and I thought the buggers might have changed it for the worse. Glad you saw Jack recently and that he's happy to be xxxxx back, strikes etc. notwith- standing. But how disappointing that he Text