<> Boyd135 Boyd Letters Boyd Estate 1978 Jan 11th Linen Hall Library Wednesday, March 16, 2016 TIFF Boyd135 Letter Lyric Theatre, Colleen Bawn, Uncle Vanya English https://www.niliteraryarchive.com/content/boyd135 Linen Hall Library Linen Hall Library Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA https://www.niliteraryarchive.com/sites/default/files/Boyd135_1.jpg LHL Archive ´╗┐LYRIC PLAYERS THEATRE, 55, Ridgeway Street, BELFAST "PRESS RELEASE" Telephone 669660 The COLLEEN BAWN continues at the Lyric Theatre until the 28th. January and is proving great family entertainment. The set for the COLLEEN BAWN has been designed by Brian Collins from the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, and is based on an idea of what the play might have looked like in an old Victorian Theatre and it catches just the right atmosphere of pantomime, melodrama, romance and comedy. Rehearsals have started for UNCLE VANYA which will "Open" at the Lyric Theatre on Wednesday, 1st. February with "Previews" on Monday, 30th January and Tuesday 31st. January. The play, rightly regarded as one of the masterpieces of modern drama, was written in the 1890's and was first performed by the Moscow Art Theatre in 1899. It is about country life in Russia in the late 19th century and portrays the conflicts of a middle- class Russian family with great compassion and humour. UNCLE VANYA has never been done before at the Lyric and has not been seen in Belfast since 1963. TONY DINNER ARTISTIC DIRECTOR ll/l/78 Text